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Which of These Data Destruction Solutions Will Work Best for Your Company?

Which of These Data Destruction Solutions Will Work Best for Your Company?Do you work in a field that requires data destruction solutions? At Square One Business Machines, we are proud to offer a number of options. In fact, you can check out a long list of types of data destruction products and then several options within each of those types. Keep reading to learn about the basics, and then contact us at (972) 370-3664 if you need help with this or in finding the best mailing solutions.

Deskside Shredders

If you need a small shredder that gets the job done without taking up too much space, then a deskside shredder might be the right choice for you. These are as small as a small garbage can but can handle even tough materials like staples, CDs, and credit cards. We offer rugged cross-cut models that can take care of all your sensitive paperwork and much more.

Office Shredders

For companies that need higher-capacity shredders that can do a lot at once, office shredders are the right choice. We have options that include auto-feed hoppers that allow you to add up to 175 sheets at once, press a single button, and it will be taken care of. This is a good choice if you are tired of standing in front of a shredder feeding it one piece at a time.

Industrial Shredders

Industrial shredders are the most advanced, high-volume shredders on the market. They are high-capacity, conveyor-fed, and have fully automated features. Add to all of that the rugged, industrial strength that is necessary for high-volume centralized shredding, and you have the whole package. Standard features abound, including LED control panels with load indicator that offers immediate feedback.

Hard Drive Shredders

Of course, in 2021, not all data is printed. In fact, most sensitive documents are saved to hard drives. Protecting the integrity of those hard drives is essential. When it comes time to get rid of it, you do not want to just throw it away. Even magnetically degaussing it does not secure the data 100%. The best option is a hard drive shredder that offers the highest level of security because it physically destroys the hard drive.

Specialized Shredders

Some industries have specific needs when it comes to shredders. Case in point, the casino, and gaming industry. They need to maintain top security both on the floor and behind the scenes. A casino shredder is the best way to safely get rid of retired gaming pieces to ensure they do not get into the wrong hands.

Do you have questions about shredders? Are you trying to figure out which shredder will be best for you? Then we welcome you to contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664. We are happy to go through the options to help you decide on the right fit.