Mail Screening Equipment


The Powdersafe® system was conceived and developed to handle suspicious mail from the point of discovery to first responders testing facilities. This system provides an airtight method to isolate, contain, and safely remove letter mail threats from the premises with minimal disruption to your business activities. Security in the work place is an important issue. Employees need to feel safe from harmful situations at work. White Powder incidents are on the rise. Minimizing the risk is a reasonable measure to protect employees and assets.

PS Inspect
PS Into Transport

Isolation Chamber

External dimensions
435mm (17.126”) long x 380mm (15.51”) deep x 300mm (12.24”) high

Up to an A4 (flat) envelope or small package

4.0 kilograms (8.8lbs)

Nitrile, size 10

Letter openers
1-off plastic frame opener protecting metal blade and 1-off ceramic cutter.

The Powdersafe system requires annual maintenance by an authorized dealer to ensure optimum performance. Failure to service the Powdersafe system on an annual basis will null and void any claim in relation to equipment failure.

Transport Case

Transport Case

External dimensions
670mm (27.35”) long x 555mm (22.65”) deep x 526mm (21.47”) high

28-kgs (61.6lbs)

Retractable handle
400mm (16.33”) to 900mm (36.73”) fully extended.


The Powdersafe® Contaminated Mail Isolation system provides an increased level of protection and makes no claims of preventing the exposure to any biological or chemical agents that may exist outside the isolation/inspection unit. The isolation/inspection unit is not designed for corrosive, explosive, flammable or radiological material and will offer no protection against these substances. Powdersafe Pty Ltd recommends that all people handling mail in conjunction with the Powdersafe system wear personal protective equipment in and follow the user guide on the DVD or training presentation to reduce the risk of exposure. Failure to do so is at the user’s risk.

The Powdersafe system should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions as shown on the DVD or training slides. Powdersafe Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damage or injury as a result of improper or inappropriate use of the system.