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We Offer Both New and Refurbished Postage Machines for Businesses

We Offer Both New and Refurbished Postage Machines for Businesses

How done are you when it comes to anything regarding postage and just mail in general? Most people would admit that there’s more much than what meets the eye when it comes to getting envelopes ready for shipment, much of which is very stressful and tiring. Postage machines can be the best solution for you in this predicament.

Refurbished Versus New Postage Machines

Square One Business Machine offers both refurbished as well as new postage machines. However, what’s the difference, really?

Refurbished postage machines, as the name implies, are used postage machines that have been restored, almost good as new. Used postage machines aren’t necessarily stone age and outdated. Rather, some of them have been lightly or moderately used. Perhaps another company or facility no longer needed the postage machine, found a better postage machine model that suited them better, or simply didn’t like having a postage machine for whatever that reason may be. With some love and refurbishment, though, these machines can look and function like newer machines and are very much still useable.

On the other hand, new postage machines are, obviously, newer machines. They have not yet been used by anyone, and aesthetically, are in pristine and perfect condition. Newer machines, when compared to their refurbished counterparts, are also more likely (but not necessarily) more advanced in terms of features and technology.

Pay more for a postage machine with potentially greater and more promising technology, a longer expected lifespan, and better aesthetics – or go for a used machine that has been refurbished as if it is new for a cheaper cost? The choice is yours, and it all comes down to how often you will use your postage machine, what features you want in a postage machine, and of course, your budget.

Talk with Us About Your Budget, and We’ll Find You Your Dream Postage Machine

Are you interested in getting a postage machine in your possession to make your mail preparation go much smoother? If you’re leaning on the “yes” side, then you’re about to make the right decision. Postage machines can come in handy when it comes to speeding up the process of getting envelopes postage-d and ready for sending out.

Leave it to Square One Business Machines to help find you a postage machine within your budget, whether you’re looking at new or refurbished units. We’d love to help you make the right decision for your company.

Call Square One Business Machines today at (972) 370-3664 to discover your dream postage machine model. We have many for you to pick among!