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Learn Why the FD 3300 Air Suction Folder Might Be the Right Folder for Your Company

Learn Why the FD 3300 Air Suction Folder Might Be the Right Folder for Your CompanyIf your company is searching for a folder, the FD 3300 Air Suction Folder might be the right option. Of course, at Square One Business Machines we offer you a wide range of options, including and beyond this model. Keep reading to get the details on this option, and then call us at (972) 370-3664 with any questions or to learn about other options.

The Short Story

We will get into details below, but for right now, consider these main features of the FD 3300 Air Suction Folder that make it a great choice:

  • It features air suction technology
  • It is 100% automated
  • It can fold up to 18,600 pieces each hour
  • It is compact and quiet
  • It has advanced double-feed detection

These are some of the top reasons it is so popular, but it is far from a comprehensive list.

This Tabletop Unit is Quite Impressive

This machine can do it all but still lives within a compact tabletop unit. This makes it perfect for handing digitally printed documents whether on heavy or coated stock. You’ll also appreciate that the air-suction feed technology actually lowers static electricity, which in turn minimizes feed marks that you might find in a traditional friction feed system. Further, an internal fan produces both air and suction to ensure quiet operation. The side air system for the feeding system allows for the use of heavier stocks and larger sheets than the standard feeding system.

The Speed in Virtually Unparalleled on a Machine of This Size and at This Price

Next, consider that at up to 18,600 sheets each hour, and a feed tray capacity that can handle as many as 625 sheets, this is a machine that can get through a range of applications very quickly. All it takes is a touch of the button to get started, and the Optical and Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection will help you keep document integrity. You can even adjust the fan speed and air flow independently, which makes it easy to accommodate paper of many different weights and sizes.

You’ll Appreciate the User-Friendly Features

This unit has other user-friendly features too, such as:

  • Auto paper size detection
  • Auto fold plate settings
  • 4.3” color touch screen LCD control panel
  • Storage for up to 30 custom folds
  • Six programmed fold settings
  • Cross folding guide
  • Four-digit counter with batch counting abilities
  • Four-fold rollers to ensure accuracy
  • Many security features

As you can see, this unit meets the needs of many different companies. If you have questions about it, or want to know what might be best for your specific needs, we welcome you to contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664 now.