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Is Your Company Getting Ready to Get Back to the Office? Learn Essential Tips to Make the Transition a Success

Is Your Company Getting Ready to Get Back to the Office? Learn Essential Tips to Make the Transition a Success

As more people become vaccinated, more companies are deciding to return to the office, at least part-time. As they make these moves, companies would be wise to keep a few tips in mind so that transition is as smooth as possible. Keep reading for some ideas from Square One Business Machines or call us at (972) 370-3664 right away for all your mailing solutions.

Consider a Hybrid Option

Many companies are waiting to be 100% sure that they can get 100% back to the workforce. This might be a mistake. A better option is to consider a hybrid option, whether permanently or for the short-term. This gives companies the chance to see what is working with people in the office and what is not working, what changes might need to be made, and gives more room for social distancing.

Keeping Workers Socially Distant

If you had an open workspace, as many employers did, then now might be the time to rethink that. Even with vaccinations, social distancing is still recommended indoors until we reach herd immunity. That could take years. As a result, some companies are assigning every work a station, desk, or even a specific chair. This makes it much easier to see that everyone is socially distant.

Employees Want to Feel Safe

You know that you need to take steps to keep employees safe, but make sure that you are taking the time to ensure your employees know what you are doing. Do not take it for granted that they know you are doing what you can, or that they understand your plans. Be clear, open, and honest about what you are doing. Ask for feedback. Consider all suggestions. This will help make everyone feel more comfortable.

Find Ways to Keep Workers in the Office – or Out

To maximize the safety of everyone, you want to get employees in the door and then keep them in their work area until it is time to leave. The more people you have coming in and out, the more dangerous the space is. That is one reason that we strongly suggest getting your mailing supplies and other mailing needs.

Why have your workers leave to go to the post office, where they will be in touch in with countless others, when you can handle everything from work? If this is a new concept, or if you have not been happy with the mailing solutions in the past, contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664 for help.