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Improve the Productivity of Mass Shipping with the Mint 400 Mailing System

Improve the Productivity of Mass Shipping with the Mint 400 Mailing System

Sometimes it isn’t always easy admitting when you need help, even when it comes to the mass shipping of mail or packages. In your head, you think your company looks better for prepping every shipment by hand, even if the process takes five times longer. In reality, your customers depend on you for speedy shipment. The more complicated and drawn-out you make the process, the less efficient as a company you’re going to be as a whole.

Luckily, the Mint 400 mailing system makes improving the productivity of shipment that much easier. Expect fewer delays, less errors, greater compliance, and generally a huge weight lifted off your shoulders when you turn to the Mint 400 to help make your life easier. You can never go wrong with this Square One Business Machines mailing system.

More Information About the Mint 400 Mailing System

We’re confident that you will fall in love with the Mint 400 mailing system. Count on this machine to automatically weight, measure, meter, and stack your business’s mail within a very short period of time. Enjoy a faster processing time, eliminate overspending on your company’s end, and better ensure compliance with the current USPS shipping requirements. Generally, say goodbye to a big headache when you incorporate this piece of equipment into your line of business.

The Mint 400 achieves the latter by offering many great key features that your business will love. This includes an easy-to-use color touchscreen, high-volume mail processing capabilities, the ability to process up to 300 letters per minute, a dual pump jet spray sealing system, 15 preset jobs, and an ultra high capacity ink tank for helping process a large volume of mail.

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We promise you that incorporating a mailing system alongside your business will make a world of difference for you and your company. You won’t believe how much you’ve been missing out on when a mailing system can do a lot of the work in a fraction of the time and ensure the process of prepping mail and packages for shipment is more convenient, simple, and straightforward. You’ll wish you would have turned to a mailing system a lot sooner.

Square One Business Machines would love to chat with you about getting an order placed for a mailing system soon. Call us at (972) 370-3664. We’ll get all your questions answered and help you find the right mailing system for your needs and budget.