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How Do Millennials Feel About Marketing Mail? You Might Be Surprised

How Do Millennials Feel About Marketing Mail? You Might Be Surprised

It seems like every other week, there is another article about what millennials do and do not like. Many people believe they have them pegged, but the truth is that studies are showing that millennials are not quite as easy to pin down as you thought.

For example, millennials love digital products and do not like wasteful marketing mail. Right? Wrong – according to one study. Keep reading to learn more about it. If you are planning on investing in your own marketing mailing campaign, contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664 to find out how we can help with our mailing systems.

The Study Was from the USPS

The study in question was completed by the USPS, and it found that during the pandemic, millennials are sending and receiving more mail than they did before – and that they are paying more attention to the mail they are receiving. Another study showed that millennials think that getting mail is more important than it ever was and that they are likely to keep sending personalized letters in the future.

The Digital Area of Bills and Account Statements

Most people are not surprised to learn that those in the Baby Boomer and Silent Generation generally prefer getting bills and account statements in the mail so that they can review them, make sure there are no errors and have a reminder that it’s time to pay the bill. They also prefer to send checks in the mail because they find it easier to keep records in this way.

What does surprise many people is that about half of millennials say that they prefer physical statements in conjunction with their digital statements. Only 33% of millennials said that they want to receive only digital mail, and 66% said they want either physical mail or a combination of the two.

There is a Big Difference Between How Millennials and Other Generations Feel About Marketing Mail

The report showed that nearly 85% of millennials look through their mail carefully and that 64% would rather search for useful information in the mail than in emails. 87% of the millennials in the study like getting marketing mail, 77% say they pay attention to it, and 90% believe that marketing mail is reliable.

More specifically, millennials say there are certain types of marketing mail they prefer, including coupons from local companies, marketing mail from companies they have purchased from, and marketing mail from companies they do know but have not bought from. Further, 66% say they have taken action based on marketing mail they’ve received.

As you can see, the idea that marketing mail is dead is not quite accurate. If you are interested in finding the shipping and mailing solutions that will help make marketing mail part of your company’s success story, contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664 for help.