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Get the Facts About Three of Our Most Popular AutoSeal Machines

Get the Facts About Three of Our Most Popular AutoSeal Machines

Are you looking for an AutoSeal machine that can handle your production volume? If so, you will be very glad to learn about the many AutoSeal machines we offer at Square One Business Machines. Your best bet to find the right solution for your company is to contact us at (972) 370-3664 for help. You can also keep reading to get the basics of our three most popular machines.

The AutoSeal FD 2096

This machine uses a patented pressure seal technology that can very quickly process cut-sheet pressure seal forms. This is a good choice for a mid-volume production environment, as the machine can handle speeds of up to 30,000 forms every hour. The feeds system utilizes a bottom-suction air feed that ensures the feed is accurate and allows forms to be consistently loaded. This can reduce downtime overall.

Clients appreciate the quick setup and strong metal fold plates, which are clearly marked in standard and metric, and fold rollers made with the toughest polyurethane foam. What does this mean for you? It means you can say goodbye to gap adjustments.

The AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone

If you’re only going to learn four things about the AutoSeal FD 2200-10 Stand Alone, it should be these: it can handle speeds of up to 40,000 per hour, it integrates easily, it is perfect for high production, and it offers three interface connections. If you are a high-volume mailer that wants to make use of your existing floor model folding system, you can purchase this sealer-only system to get what you need while keeping your costs low.

The AutoSeal 2300 Series

These machines are designed to handle even the very toughest of jobs with ease. You get speeds of as high as 43,000 per hour, color touchscreen control, heavy-duty rollers, four in-feed options, auto-folding settings, unlimited duty cycle, and the ability to program as many as 200 jobs. This is a user-friendly machine that includes a graphics-based color touchscreen and fully automated settings for the feeder, alignment rails, deflectors, fold rollers, and delivery rollers.

You can choose between five different models within this series, one of which uses an air-feed system and can handle as many as 500 forms, two others offer extended air-feed systems with the capacity for as many as 2,500 forms, and the final offers a pile-feed system that can handle an impressive 3,500 loaded forms.

Which of these AutoSeal machines is right for the needs of your company? That depends on many different factors. To get expert advice based on your specific company and its needs, contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664 for help.