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AutoSeal® FD 1506

The FD 1506 AutoSeal® is an ideal mid-volume solution for processing one-piece pressure sensitive mailers. It features an innovative graphics-based color touchscreen control panel, one of the first in the industry. The touchscreen uses internationally-recognized symbols in place of text, making it easy for anyone to use. With a speed of up to 100 forms per minute, the FD 1506 enables…

FD 1506

AutoSeal® FD 1506Plus

The FD 1506 Plus AutoSeal® offers a user-friendly mid-volume solution for processing one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. It features a graphics-based color touchscreen, making it easy to use. A processing speed of up to 6,250 forms per hour enables operators to complete daily jobs with ease. Plus, the integrated output conveyor keeps processed forms in a neat, sequential order, ready for the…

FD 1506Plus

AutoSeal® FD 2006

The FD 2006 AutoSeal® is a powerful desktop model designed to process pressure sensitive self-mailers. An easy to use graphics-based color touchscreen and three roller drop-in feed system make this product both practical and dependable. Its redesigned sliding fold plates make setup and operation even easier, with fine tuning knobs for precision folds. Standard features include a six-digit…

FD 2006

AutoSeal® FD 2006IL System

The AutoSeal® FD 2006IL System interfaces the industry-leading FD 2006 AutoSeal with model-specific MICR and non-MICR desktop laser printers (not included) to provide enhanced document security. The color touchscreen control panel with graphics-based interface makes setup incredibly easy. The System’s enclosed paper path is specially designed to conceal sensitive documents including PIN…

FD 2006IL