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Do You Want to Perfect Your Parcel Sending Process? Get the Simplest Tips

Do You Want to Perfect Your Parcel Sending Process? Get the Simplest Tips

If you’re taking on the time, expense, and labor involved in sending out parcels, then you want to know that you are doing it right. The truth is that it can be more complex than it first seems. Check out these tips for sending perfect parcels. Remember that Square One Business Machines is here to provide the quality mailing supplies and services you need.

Make Sure Your Item is Legal to Send Through the Mail

You know that you cannot send illegal items through the mail, but some perfectly legal items are restricted from mail travel. The rules will vary by country, so if you are mailing internationally, look at both American rules and the rules for the country that is accepting the parcel. For example, some countries do not allow nail polish or varnish to be mailed.

Do Not Guess the Weight

One of the many advantages of having your own postage machine is that you can have a very accurate weight for everything you send. Without this, you may end up paying much more than you have to – or not paying enough, and then the package does not get where it needs to go.

Consider the Recipient’s Shipping Needs

When you are choosing the right shipping method, start by considering what the customer really needs. Unless they have stated that they need it tomorrow (or expect it tomorrow), then you do not need to go to the expense of sending it overnight. On the other hand, they might not want to wait the five to eight days it could take with slower shipping speeds.

If you start with their needs and then find the best option in that price range, you will have the best chance of meeting (or exceeding) expectations while also keeping the costs low.

Triple Check the Address

If you wrote the label by hand, it can be wise to have someone else check it. Why? Because if you switched a few numbers or letters, you might not notice the mistake if you are the one that goes over it. If your address automatically prints from your database, look over the address to make sure it is complete. For example, is the zip code there?

Us the Best Mailing Solutions

Of course, the best way to get your parcels where they’re going within a reasonable amount of time is to ensure you have the right resources and tools on hand. That is where Square One Business Machines comes in. We offer a wide range of options at different budget levels. Call us at (972) 370-3664 to find out how we can help you.