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Ask the Mail Professionals: Is it Cheaper to Print Address Labels at Home?

Ask the Mail Professionals: Is it Cheaper to Print Address Labels at Home?

When you need to print a large batch of address labels (or, shipping labels, if you are running a business), it is almost always cheaper to do so yourself. In fact, there are a number of ways you can do so. Keep reading to learn what they are and then contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664 for more information on mailing solutions for your business.

Address Labels and Shipping Labels Are Not Identical

First of all, we should make sure we are clear on what we mean when we talk about addressing labels. As the name implies, they are labels that have the name and mailing address of the recipient neatly and clearly printed on them. They are great if you are shipping something once, but not a great choice for most small or medium-sized businesses.

A shipping label, on the other hand, has all the same information you would find on an address label to ensure the shipper knows where the parcels are going, but they also have your return shipping address printed on them. Additionally, they include tracking barcodes and other data that makes it easier for your parcel to get there and for you to verify that it got there.

We Make it Simple to Print Shipping Labels

If you want to print address labels, all you need to do is get sheets of stickers in the size you want and use whatever word processing software you want to create the design. Then connect it to your address data source and print with any printer. It could not be simpler.

Printing shipping labels, on the other hand, is much easier with Formax Postage machines and similar products. While you can print these with other printers, if you have more than a few shipping labels to print each month, there are advantages to using professional shipping equipment.

Printing a Single Label

Whether you’re printing shipping or address labels, you can print a single one at a time if you need to. However, if you are printing label sheets, make sure that you correctly set up the software so that it prints in the correct portion of the sheet – especially if you have already used a portion of the sheet.

Save Money in the Long Run by Printing Your Own Shipping Labels

Yes, you will have an upfront cost to rent the equipment needed to create professional shipping labels, but it will be more affordable in the long run because you will save on supplies and printer maintenance. You will see other benefits too, such as fewer undeliverable parcels and better tracking. You can also save your employee labor for more important tasks than running to and from the post office each day.

If you want to learn more about your postal options, contact Square One Business Machines at (972) 370-3664 now for help.